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At Julie Carter beauty, we have something we are really excited to share with you. As well as portfolio of products we currently offer you, we are launching the new capsule make up range Delilah, which is only available in boutique retail locations and award winning salons and spas across the UK.
Delilah can be found in Fortnum and Mason, Space Nk Online, Four Seasons Hotel to name a few, and now Julie Carter Beauty. The company prides itself on being quintessentially British, every detail right down to the packaging is beautifully British. All Delilah packaging is sustainable, ensuring they are environmentally friendly - the pewter metal was used to replace gold sovereign by Henry VIII, and the use of the English rose ensures that every detail makes this a very classic British Brand.
Delilah has been developed by a talented creative team, with Rupert Kingston at its helm, who is a international make up artist with many award winning cosmetics under his belt. He has by his side Hannah, who has developed products with some of the most prestigious cosmetic companies, and Juliet, who is a photographer whose work has featured in The New York Times. I think you would agree this creative team is something quite special, and this is why we are excited by the capsule range they have created.
We all often find ourselves with wide variety of make-up and yet we always reach for the same few favourites each day - we are all even guilty of housing products for as long as a few years! The concept of the Delilah range is why we all love it, it has all the staple products that we all need to complete our favourite look. As with fashion, we have a capsule wardrobe with all the essentials to mix and match our perfect look, the Delilah make-up range has that capsule collection to suit all tastes, colours and trends, without overwhelming us with a massive range of products.
The products are triple milled meaning that we only need a small amount of product to achieve our desired look, this just means our favourite Delilah products will last longer! The range also consist of wide selection of make-up brushes, which all made up of synthetic fibres so you won't get the unwanted shed of hairs on your flawless faces.
There is certainly a buzz around Delilah in the beauty industry and the press are in agreement that this is a range we all need to be excited about. Delilah Genius Concealer- Farewell concealer, flawless cover up has made it on to The Glamour Beauty Power list 2015 already. You can see why we are so excited to be able to stock this prestigious range in Julie Carter Beauty.
Delliah was born out of friendship, a passion for cosmetics, and the desire to help women of all ages to look and feel beautiful - exactly the same sentiment Julie Carter Beauty shares in its selection of products and treatments and the same result we want for all our clients.
So FOR THE LOVE OF YOU ... Discover the secret to flawless skin for life ... with Delilah!