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Delilah Concealer

At Julie Carter Beauty we are delighted to launch the Delilah make-up range; the very talented creative make-up artist Rupert Kingston trained us all. We are looking forward to sharing all the tips we picked up with you all. There certainly is buzz around Delilah within the Industry; we wanted to tell you all about the Farewell concealer. There are so many reasons why this is a make-up bag staple item…. So let us tell you why...

The Farewell concealer has been named on the Glamour 2015 Power list! The team tried and tested many concealers, and named the Delilah Farewell as their favourite, they refer to is as the

"Genius concealer, flawless cover-up job, no flaking. We are delighted.”

After trying this concealer we can tell you it really is as good as it says it is, you really can say farewell to those unwanted blemishes, this is the product we have all been waiting for!


The Farewell concealer is ideal to cover dark circles under the eyes, and counteract those areas with a blue and grey tones and signs of fatigue. It has been designed to neutralise the area, leaving it highlighted and brightened. What sets this concealer apart from others is the use of Hyaluronic filling sphere, meaning it will not only cover up unwanted dark circles, it will also help to fill in any fine lines and wrinkles; whilst leaving the skin moisturised and smooth.

Delilah also offers a colour corrector concealer that works to counteract any problem areas associated with colour. The Fadeaway concealer helps to counteract any blue and grey tones under the eye area. Fadeaway is perfect teamed up with the Farewell concealer, giving us the perfect colour cover up.

I think you would agree we need not look any further for our perfect cover up; this is literally everything we could need…. And more! Whatever our individual needs maybe the Farewell Concealer can help us, from the need to cover up lack of sleep, the occasional late working night, and even a weekend of fizz filled indulgent. We need not panic that our eyes will show just how tired we are. Now we can just reach for our Farewell Concealer, and wave goodbye to the dark circles, and say hello to bright and illuminated eye.So for the love of you… Call in to the salon for a colour match and purchase your Farewell concealer and Farewell colour corrector today we are sure you will love it just as much as we do.