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  • As part of our PRACTICE SAFE SUN campaign, we are now focusing on the importance of re-hydrating the skin after sun exposure. However, UV exposure isn't the only culprit to our skins being dehydrated. Many of us work in air conditioned environments, and even in the summer, we can be victims of the 'great' British weather, and dare I say it, have to put our central heating back on. All these factors zap our skin of moisture.
    Environ Hydrating Oil Capsules are a fantastic aid in our efforts to keeping our skin hydrated and we wanted to share with you just why we love this product. Environ products contain active ingredients. This means they contain ingredients that are essential for making the product do its job. The active ingredients in the Hydrating Oil Capsules is Retinol A. This active ingredient is hydrating and energising, making them the ideal product for those extra thirsty skins.
    When our skin is dehydrated, we can be more vulnerable to free radicals. These Hydrating Oil Capsules contain antioxidants, which give our skin a helping hand to fight these free radicals. They also contain Beta Sitosterol - an essential ingredient in supporting the immunity of the skin, leaving the skin energised.
    When our skins are dry and dehydrated, we are also lacking in natural oils. The Hydrating Oil Capsules enrich the skin and replenish its natural surface oils.
    How to use Hydrating Oil Capsules
    - Once opened they need to be used within 10-12weeks
    - Used AM/PM
    - They should be applied after a double cleanse
    - They are best penetrated after moisturiser
    - They should be applied to the face and neck to achieve maximum benefits
    The Hydrating Oil Capsules provide much needed moisture, and hydration to even the most dehydrated of skins. This multifunctional product is a must have for all bathroom cabinets as part of an everyday routine, or as a pick me up for the most thirsty of skins.
    And remember ... Practice Safe Sun!

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  • This week at Julie Carter Beauty we have been thinking about the importance of keeping our skin hydrated in the summer. We are often reminded of the need to keep our bodies hydrated as it is beneficial to our health; however it’s just as beneficial to maintain healthy skin. Keeping our skin hydrated is essential while we soak up the rays in the summer, and even more so if we are venturing to hotter climates.

    Our skin is the largest organ in our bodies, made up for 70% of water. The dermis contains natural moisturising factor, which keeps our skin amply hydrated. When our skin is exposed to UVA and UVB rays this dehydrates the skin and the skins natural defences become impaired, therefore we need to replace any lost moisture lost in this process. At Julie Carter Beauty we have some top tips for keeping your skin hydrated.

    Firstly we recommend the use of some of Environs best hydrating products, namely the Hydrating Oil Capsules - these essential hydrating products should be added to your summer must have products. These capsules contain antioxidants, when we exposure our skin to UV rays we can cause damaged to our hydro lipid layer. This layer protects our skin from outside infections, and it slows down the process of us loosing moisture. When we are soaking up the sun’s rays and in air conditioned environment, we are impairing this skins natural defence against loosing moisture. The hydro lipid layer is made up primarily of water. By introducing these hydrating oil capsules we are replacing the hydration lost in the summer months. For those skins that particularly find the sun worshiping has zapped more moisture than we would like, we recommend combing the hydrating oil capsules with Environ intensive super moisturiser. This moisturiser will assist in hydrating the skin, and provide soothing to the most sensitive of skins.

     At Julie Carter Beauty we recommend a treating your skin to an Environ facial after your skin has been exposed to sun, especially in those hotter climates. What better to end a holiday then with a facial, although we all welcome the pampering of a facial, we will be maximising the use of the antioxidant rich Environ products. This will help to keep the skin oxygenated, repair and rehydrate the skin after UV exposure.

    Here are some top tips to keep hydrated in the summer: 

    • Drink 2 litres of water per day
    • Avoid too much alcohol as this is a diuretic and causes dehydration
    • Use antioxidant rich products- Environ hydrating capsules and intensive super moisturiser
    • Avoid the sun between 11-3pm in the summer months, this is when it’s at its hottest
    • Use broad-spectrum sunscreen
    • Repair, replenish and Rehydrated the skin with an Environ Facial

    Protecting the skin is something we always need to be conscious of, especially during these summer months. Keeping hydrated should become second nature to us, and taking simple steps we can limit any potential damage to our skin, and prevent the sun ageing our skin.

    Remember ... PRACTICE SAFE SUN!

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