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    For ten years, we have been promoting treatments and products at the forefront of the skincare industry.

    The 4th of September 2015 marks a fantastic milestone in the life of Julie Carter Beauty, as we celebrate the 10th anniversary of the first time we opened our doors to the public. In this time, we have seen many customers walking through those doors, many of which have become friends and visit the salon on a regular basis. From the very beginning our mission was very clear - to bring you the best treatments and the most effective products the Health and Beauty industry has to offer. We have succeeded in keeping ahead of the competition by constantly training in new skills and introducing new products, but never without doing our homework, researching the science behind the beauty and ensuring the veracity of a promise.   

    Your skin health and care is our mission - your satisfaction is our reward.

    To celebrate this incredible achievement, we would like to invite you to visit the salon on Friday 4th September and join us for a toast with a glass of fizz. We are also offering 10% off any treatments and products purchased on this day, as well as entering every visitor into a free prize draw.


    to say THANK YOU for your support over the last 10 years

    Please note: all offers must be purchased before 30th September - check individual offers for terms and conditions.

    1) 5 CACI Ultra Deluxe Non-Surgical Facials 20% OFF Was £432.50 - Now £346.00 BUY THIS OFFER 

    2) Guinot Hydradermie² Facial 30% OFF Was £54.50 – Now £38.15 BUY THIS OFFER

    3) Special Occasion Make-Up £20 OFF Was £30.00 – Now £10.00 BUY THIS OFFER

    4) Spray Tan 30% OFF Was £20.00 – Now £14.00 BUY THIS OFFER

    5) Back, Neck, and Shoulder Massage 20% OFF ***includes a free Indian Head Massage*** Was £31.50 – Now £25.20 BUY THIS OFFER

    6) NEW Guinot Age Summum Facial Was £65.00 – Now £52.00 20% OFF BUY THIS OFFER

    7) Buy 1 get 1 half price on CACI Ultra Deluxe Non-Surgical Facials Was £173.00 – Now £129.75 BUY THIS OFFER

    8) Full Body Massage 50% OFF Was £47.50 – Now £23.75 BUY THIS OFFER

    9) GELeration Nails with Manicure 20% OFF Was £34.00 – Now £27.20 BUY THIS OFFER

    10) Spend over £50 on WAXING in one visit and receive 20% OFF ***In salon offer for September ONLY***
    CALL 01912816333


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  • As part of our PRACTICE SAFE SUN campaign, we are now focusing on the importance of re-hydrating the skin after sun exposure. However, UV exposure isn't the only culprit to our skins being dehydrated. Many of us work in air conditioned environments, and even in the summer, we can be victims of the 'great' British weather, and dare I say it, have to put our central heating back on. All these factors zap our skin of moisture.
    Environ Hydrating Oil Capsules are a fantastic aid in our efforts to keeping our skin hydrated and we wanted to share with you just why we love this product. Environ products contain active ingredients. This means they contain ingredients that are essential for making the product do its job. The active ingredients in the Hydrating Oil Capsules is Retinol A. This active ingredient is hydrating and energising, making them the ideal product for those extra thirsty skins.
    When our skin is dehydrated, we can be more vulnerable to free radicals. These Hydrating Oil Capsules contain antioxidants, which give our skin a helping hand to fight these free radicals. They also contain Beta Sitosterol - an essential ingredient in supporting the immunity of the skin, leaving the skin energised.
    When our skins are dry and dehydrated, we are also lacking in natural oils. The Hydrating Oil Capsules enrich the skin and replenish its natural surface oils.
    How to use Hydrating Oil Capsules
    - Once opened they need to be used within 10-12weeks
    - Used AM/PM
    - They should be applied after a double cleanse
    - They are best penetrated after moisturiser
    - They should be applied to the face and neck to achieve maximum benefits
    The Hydrating Oil Capsules provide much needed moisture, and hydration to even the most dehydrated of skins. This multifunctional product is a must have for all bathroom cabinets as part of an everyday routine, or as a pick me up for the most thirsty of skins.
    And remember ... Practice Safe Sun!

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