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Guinot Age Logic Yeux Eye Cream 15ml

Guinot Age Logic Yeux Eye Cream 15ml

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Guinot Age Logic Yeux Eye Cream 15ml


Guinot's ultimate eye cream. Helps to energise the skin cells, oxygenate the skin cells, and smooth and firm the eye contour. Fantastic if you are concerned with ageing of the eye area, maybe you have a concern with fine lines, wrinkles, even deeper crow's feet. It is also an amazing product to firm and tighten a hooded eye area.

Anti-ageing eye cream. Intelligent Cell Renewal.

  • Anti-ageing eye serum.
  • Tackles deep wrinkles and crows feet.
  • Tone and revitalise the eye contour.
  • Firms the eyelids.
  • Suitable for Mature Skin Types.


Use with specific eye products (Masque Yeux, Gel Anti-Fatigue Yeux).
Also use in conjunction with the Longue Vie range or Age Logic Cellulaire.