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ACNE is one of the most common skin concerns.
Let’s talk more about ACNE to open up your opportunities to treat more ACNE.
According to the Guild 85% of the UK population will at some point be concerned with ACNE
Acne Awareness Month

Teen Acne 

Although acne can start at any age, hormonal changes during puberty may trigger acne flare ups. Acne can be mainly identified on the face, neck, back and chest by the presence of comedones (blackheads and whiteheads) and pus-filled spots (pustules) especially in adolescents aged 13-18 years.

Why is this? During puberty, hormones that promote natural development, will raise testosterone levels in boys and girls. A side effect of this can be the overproduction of sebum which in turn can cause acne. Stress is also a contributory factor. Exams, social pressures and dealing with puberty itself can lead to a rise in the adrenal hormones, again causing the sebaceous glands to overproduce sebum.

When managing acne it is important to ensure your teen client understands that consistency in a homecare routine is vital to achieving healthy skin.

Teen Self-help techniques:

  • Do not squeeze blackheads and spots as this will worsen the acne and cause scarring.
  • Remove make-up before going to bed
  • Apply a mineral based make-up to allow your skin to breathe

Hormones & Acne

Over 80% of adult acne occurs in women.

Hormones are chemical messengers that send messages to the cells that they interact with. They can affect several processes in the body including growth, reproduction and metabolism. Hormones can also influence the immune system as well as our mood, causing changes in behaviour. Unsurprisingly, during the average life journey, numerous hormonal changes can reflect in various ways on our skin’s appearance and condition. The bad news is that, as we age these skin changes are inevitable. The good news is that by understanding why and what steps to take, each of us can stay in control.

Many women experience acne or skin breakouts just before ‘that time of the month’ as when hormonal levels fluctuate this in turn, stimulates the sebaceous glands. The contraceptive pill, that contains artificial hormones oestrogen and progesterone, may cause also cause a rise in acne. The onset of pregnancy, is another trigger for hormonal changes that may lead to pigmentation and sometimes acne. Managing skin concerns, whilst pregnant can be very difficult as some treatments/remedies may have to be avoided

Frequently considered a teenage condition, acne is common in menopausal women. As with teenage acne, which begins around puberty, menopausal acne is thought to be connected to the changing levels of hormones within the body. The hormones that help regulate the sebaceous glands, such as oestrogen start to decline, leading to stubborn breakouts or acne in some women. This is further aggravated by the slowing-down of the skins cell renewal process in more mature skin. Changes to the skins pH plus the excess skin cells build up, blocked pores already clogged with sebum, are further irritated causing inflammation.

Self-help techniques: Acne sufferers may be tempted to exfoliate affected areas when suffering from breakouts in an attempt to clear skin. However, harsh exfoliation can irritate rather than heal, leading to further inflammation and spots

The link between a healthy gut and healthy skin only became apparent relatively recently, so it may not have crossed your clients’ mind that their levels of ‘good bacteria’ may also be affecting their complexion.

Suggested Home Routine - Clean, Control & Clear with Clarity


  • Dry Acne – Hydra-intense cleansing lotion, Alpha Hydroxy Toner
  • Oily Acne – Sebuwash and Sebutone
  • Dry/Oily Acne– Sebuace and Sebulac
  • Sebu-Masque, Sebuspot

    NHS Workers – Maskne

    Our wonderful NHS workers continue to battle with the effects of wearing a mask day after day. A reminder of the self-help techniques for our hero’s!

    TIP 1:
    Keep skin protected under the mask with skin immunity benefits by using the Anti-Pollution Spritz, which assists to create a flexible breathable, physical shield under the mask.
     TIP 2:
    Boost the skin's immunity. Environ recommends Focus Care Comfort+® Colostrum Gel & Antioxidant Gel containing powerful antioxidants, which assists to boost the benefits of the skin’s immunity and soothe the appearance of sensitivity.
    TIP 3:
    Clear the appearance of breakouts. Environ recommends Clarity+ Sebu-Wash Gel Cleanser, Sebu-ACE Oil, Sebu-Lac Lotion & Sebu-Clear Masque to help clean, control and clear the appearance of breakouts with AHA’s, BHA’s and vitamin A.

    Treating Acne from the inside out

    Skin Accumax contains a unique patented combination of vitamins A, C, E plus DIM a plant nutrient found in broccoli and other dark cruciferous vegetables. This patented formulation delivers a synergy of nutrients that helps to support skin clarity and health. You won’t find this unique combination of active ingredients anywhere else on the market.

    Skin Clear Biome has formulated specifically for problem and stressed skin, new and patent-pending SKIN CLEAR BIOME™ is a pioneering supplement harnessing the benefits of microbiome technology. Four strains of beneficial bacteria work in synergy with zinc to balance and clear the skin from deeper within. This innovative supplement is designed to target problem and stressed skin, as well as support digestive health

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