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Stress Buster Massage Treatments

beauty at 28 Massages

"beauty at 28" Massages

Our expert beauty therapists are renowned for their deep muscular, stress relieving therapeutic massage skills, bringing both physical and emotional benefits

All body treatments pay for 5 and get the 6th free.

  • Full Body Massage - 1hr - £60.00

    Submit your body to a relaxing and stress relieving massage. Where tired and tense muscles are eased and the pressures of daily life gently drift away.

  • Back, Neck & Shoulder Massage - 30mins - £37.00

    Release the tension in your upper body with our back, neck and shoulder massage. Can also help to relieve tension headaches.

  • Stress Buster Massage - 1hr 30mins - £80.00

    The Stress Buster treatment includes a Full Body Massage and Indian Head Massage. Not included in any other discounts.

  • Stress Buster Deluxe - 2hrs 15mins - £120.00

    Includes all treatments in the Stress Buster with an added Essential Facial, which leaves your skin radiant and glowing. Not included in any other discounts.

  • The Energiser - 1hrs 30mins - £95.00

    Guinot Hydradermie² Facial and Back, Neck and Shoulder Massage.

  • Pregnancy Pamper - 2hrs - £90.00

    Indulge in this relaxing pamper session which includes an Essential Facial, Indian Head Massage, Foot Massage (great for tired and swollen feet and ankles) and Mini Pedicure. Not included in any other discounts.


Please note that all courses are valid for 6,10 or 12 months from the date of purchase, depending upon the number bought (i.e. a course of 6 will be valid for 6 months only).  After which date they can no longer be redeemed.

Health Conditions

Please advise us of any health conditions and any medication you are taking prior to receiving any body treatments. Please inform your therapist if you have any of the following:

  • High/Low blood pressure
  • Pregnancy
  • Epilepsy
  • Heart Conditions
  • Skin Conditions/Allergies
  • Deep Vein Thrombosis