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The Department of Health (DoH) has clarified that its new COVID-19 regulations do not apply to medical aesthetics.

06 JUL 2020

The Department of Health (DoH) has clarified that its new COVID-19 regulations do not apply to medical aesthetics.

On July 3 Public Health England released The Health Protection (Coronavirus, Restrictions) (No. 2) (England) Regulations 2020, stating that spas and ‘beauty salons’ were subject to closure, which included any premises providing beauty services including ‘cosmetic, aesthetic and wellness treatments.’

The Government’s wording left aesthetic doctors, dentists and nurses within the profession wondering whether ‘medical’ aesthetic or cosmetic treatments can be performed at their clinic. In light of the amendment, the industry associations have been requesting further clarification from the DoH and policy directors at Trading Standards and Environmental Health.

On Monday evening practitioner register Save Face and the British Association of Cosmetic Nurses both announced that they had heard back from the DoH.

According to Save Face and the BACN, the DoH has clarified that the regulations do not apply to medical aesthetics performed by regulated clinicians following a medical model.

In a statement on its website, Save Face said, “We have never considered the treatments carried out by our members as ‘beauty therapy’ services. If you choose to open you must ensure you have taken and can evidence all the precautions we have recommended and further, that you can evidence a clear medical model in your practice; this would include patient selection, assessment, consultation, consent, with all being documented in the medical record. This medical model should also be reflected in any marketing or social media communications.”

The BACN said in its statement published on social media, “You are free to open your clinics with immediate effect. The BACN have been working tirelessly to reaffirm the unique position of nurses along with the other medical professionals and are delighted that this has been accepted and endorsed. Members are reminded to adhere to guidance of Government, Public Health England our regulatory body the NMC, and the guidance issued by the BACN”