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Lashes & Brows

    beuauty at 28 brows and lashes

    Eye Lashes and Brows

    We have a huge range of treatments to enhance the look of your eyes including eyebrow shaping, tinting, eyelash tinting, lifting and extensions.

    A patch rest is required 24 hours prior to tinting and 48hrs prior to eyelash lifting or extension treatments.

    • Eyebrow Shape - 15mins - £12.00
    • Eyebrow Tint - 15mins - £11.00
    • Eyebrow Shape and Tint - 20mins - £20.00
    • Eyelash Tint - 30mins - £18.00
    • Eyelash and Brow Tint - 30mins - £26.50
    • Eyeworks - 45mins - £37.00

      Eyelash Tint, Eyebrow Tint and Eyebrow Shape.

    • Eyelash Lift - 1hr - £60.00

      This is the very latest and most advanced technique available to achieve a fabulous lift and shape. Using a silicon shield rather that a rod and a new gel formulation LVL straightens rather than curls eyelashes to give a fabulous wide-eye look that is completely natural, this treatment also includes an eyelash tint.

    • Strip Lash application - 15mins - £5.50
    • We sell a wide range of strip lashes and if purchased from us we will apply these free of charge.

    Semi-Permanent Nouveau Lashes Treatment.


    Our Extend treatment uses individual lash extensions to extend your natural lashes, giving you longer, fuller lashes for up to 8 weeks. Often known as classic or individual lashes, this treatment creates a natural, flawless eye look and is the perfect treatment for anyone wanting to add depth and length to their natural lashes.

    Whether you want natural, glam, or just a little boost, your Nouveau Lashes certified Extend lash artist can create a bespoke look to suit your eyes using our variety of beautiful curls and lengths that won’t weigh down your natural lashes. This treatment will transform your beauty routine.

    • Full Set Nouveau Lashes - 1hr 15mins - £70.00
    • Two Week Infills - 30mins - £36.00
    • Three Week Infills - 45mins - £42.00
    • Eyelash Sweep - 30mins - £42.00
    • Removal - 15mins - from £14.85