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Mii Bright skin Resurfacing Pads - 50 pads for £26

Mii Bright skin Resurfacing Pads - 50 pads for £26

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Refresh your skin daily with our Bright Skin Resurfacing Pads. The biodegradable pads offer dual-action exfoliation boosted by the unique combination of the 4-acid formulation, consisting of AHA, PHA, BHA and TXA. Designed to effectively target skin which appears dull and rough, the pads gently remove dead skin cells without stripping your skin of its natural moisture, boosting the skin’s radiance to leave a luminous complexion. Use as an everyday treatment to help refine your skin’s texture, even out skin tone and reduce the appearance of enlarged pores and blemishes. 

AHA: Glycolic Acid + Citric Acid resurfaces and renews the skin to restore glow.  

PHA: Gluconolactone hydrates skin and gently dissolves dead skin cells.  

BHA: Salix Alba (Willow) Bark Extract clarifies blemish prone skin and tightens pores. 

TXA: Tranexamic acid reduces the look of discolouration and uneven skin tone. 

Niacinamide 2% softens fine lines, improves skin tone, restores radiance and helps brighten the appearance of dull skin. 

Allantoin 0.1% soothes and protects the skin. 

Caffeine 0.1% known for its properties that activate micro-circulation. 

Targets and resurfaces skin that appears dull and rough 
Helps clarify pores and minimises the appearance of blackheads
Brightens skin and reduces the look of discolouration  
Rejuvenates, revitalises and smooths while boosting radiance for a luminous complexion
Contains a unique 4-acid formulation to gently remove dead skin cells

Sweep a pad over clean skin in the morning or evening, allow to dry before moisturising and using SPF. When using this product for the first time, we recommend you introduce it into your routine slowly. Start by using your pads once a week, and then increase usage to once daily based on your skin's response. If you have extra sensitive skin use once or twice a week. Stop using the product if irritation occurs. 

Always use an SPF in the daytime when using exfoliating acids.