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    There’s something about… COLLAGEN

    Whether you’re drinking it, popping pills of it, stimulating or creating it – there’s no denying the importance of preserving or increasing collagen levels as the answer to younger looking skin.

    We are really excited about the new collagen and Vitamin C capsules from Advance Nutrition. These capsules deliver a double impact of vitamins and nutrients to help plump and smooth the skin – perfect as a complement for those having Environ power facials.

    Our Environ Power Facial helps to boost collagen, soften fine lines and tighten lax skin, resulting in a more youthful appearance.

    For the month of April we are offering 10% discount off the skincare supplements and 10% off the Environ Power Facial.

    You really will see great results from this. Book your appointments now and save yourself 10% discount.

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  • As part of our practice safe sun campaign we have talked about how to protect and hydrate our skin throughout the summer months. To end our summer skin routine we recommend the Environ Active Vitamin facial. What better way to finish the summer skin care routine than a facial, to really ensure we treat it at a deeper level. UV exposure can leave our skins out of sorts, therefore we need to re balance and normalize it. We use this Environ Facial specifically as it uses Vitamin A, This is a fantastic ingredient to normalize the skin, and help regulate our cells, as they can lose their way a little when sun damaged.  Another reason we love this facial is because it also contains vitamin C alongside Vitamin A, this amazing combination is pushed deep into the epidermis with the use of sound waves. This combination works to regulate the cell membrane, which is the brain of our cells, when this isn’t working to its best, our skin suffers.
    The use of the electrical pulses in this facial increases hydration, and stimulates collagen. So not only can we hydrate the thirstiest of skins, we can tackle those fine lines and wrinkles we are all concerned about. What better than addressing so many concerns in one facial, we all struggle for time, so let’s tackle many of our skin concerns in one facial!
    How does the Environ Active Vitamin Facial work?
    The procedure is known as Sonophoresis, this process causes vibrations. This vibration causes a micro Chanel allowing the products to penetrate to the cell membrane.  This ensures the products get to work their magic at the deepest possible layer of the skin. This is why we think it’s ideal after exposure to UV. The introduction of electrical waves into this facial is so effective that to achieve the same results you would need a staggering 77 hours of manual facials.
    By applying all the tips we have given you to Practice Safe Sun your skin will be left hydrated and glowing throughout the year.

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